Medical Volunteers

Welcome to one of the most unique medical service opportunities you will ever encounter. This is where you can practice good old fashioned "real medicine" erring on achieving positive outcomes without feeling rushed for productivity. You can truly engage patients and be as involved as you wish in aiding those that are seeking to improve their health. City Impact's Health and Wellness Center seeks to give truly personalized care and establish a proactive wellness regiment.  

Because City Impact is so engaged in the Tenderloin community, the Health and Wellness Center is in a unique position to minister not only to health needs of its clients, but to the emotional, spiritual and other practical needs of it's clients.  

The SF City Impact Health and Wellness Center operates as an expression of Christ and seeks to connect the hurting to health.  We recognize that every life has infinite value and worth and aim to make true health obtainable physically, spiritually, and mentally for those we serve.

How can I get involved?

  1. Fill out short and submit on-line form.
  2. Arrange for a brief interview. You will be contacted within three business days. 
  3. Receive brief orientation and GO! 

Teams are also encouraged and welcomed! Utilize the same application for each team member indicating the team name in the appropriate space.