Non-Medical Volunteers

If you would like to serve the needs of the poor through Health and Wellness, you have come to the right place. 

Total Wellness goes well beyond the bounds of traditional medicine and incorporates proactive measures taken jointly between the patient and Health and Wellness Center to bring healing, wholeness and restoration into the lives of patients. Total wellness is an ever increasing goal and is exemplified when the patient experiences positive health and a quality of life with a sense of well being in body, mind and spirit. 

Here are some ways you can serve those seeking medical attention by:

  • Attending to incoming clients, making them feel welcomed and loved

  • Much needed basic administrative functions like helping fill out in-take questionnaires

  • Instructing patients in proactive health habits and health education

  • Visiting patients in their homes, providing accountability and encouragement

  • Being the link between the SFCI Health and Wellness Center and Adopt-a-Building or City Impact Academy

  • Helping us expand services and grow through multiple hands-on and strategic activities and tasks

The SF City Impact Health and Wellness Center operates as an expression of Christ and seeks to connect the hurting to health.  We recognize that every life has infinite value and worth and aim to make true health obtainable physically, spiritually, and mentally for those we serve.