We exist to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. 


  • Humility - We are not above the people we serve; we are not above mopping floors.

  • Prayer - We pray like the persistent widow about everything.

  • Work Ethic - We take ownership of God's work.

  • Sense of Humor - God is sacred, everything else can be laughed at.

  • Family - We take time to include and invest in people.


One early morning in 1984 after getting off the graveyard shift, Roger Huang was waiting for a tow truck in the Tenderloin. He noticed a young boy being picked on by a group of bullies. Torn between intervening to help the boy and not wanting to get involved, he drove away with a heavy heart. On the way home God laid the burden on his heart, “What if that was your son being picked on?” The next morning Roger and Maite made 50 sandwiches, and Roger went back to the Tenderloin to give them away to the homeless that same day. The following week he brought his wife Maite to the Tenderloin to help with the ministry, and San Francisco City Impact was born.