If this is an emergency dial 911.

SF City Impact Health and Wellness Center provides free medical services primarily to residents of the Tenderloin District (zip codes, 94102, 94103, 94109) in San Francisco whose income in the last 90 days is at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.  

The Health & Wellness Center can serve you with Urgent Care and General Medicine Walk-in needs as well as 9 Specialty Clinics. These include Cardiology (Heart & Circulatory) Diabetes & Nutrition,  Podiatry (Foot Care), Dermatology (Skin Care), Ophthalmology (Eye Care), Clinical Psychology (Counseling), Pediatrics (Children) and Dental Services and others.  We also do house-calls in the Tenderloin District. 

Our holistic "Total Wellness" Program aims at helping clients improve their quality of life by attaining physical, emotional and spiritual goals with the help of staff and Wellness Coaches. Services are free-of-charge for services rendered at our clinic only. 


We serve adults and children. 



Monthly Income
100% FPL


Monthly Income
250% FPL


Annual Income 
100% FPL


Annual Income
250% FPL


Urgent Care Walk-in hours are 10am to 4pm  Monday through Friday. Please phone (415) 738-6878 or email for Specialists and Appointments and bring proof of address, income, and household size.

The "clinic" is located at 140 Turk Street, in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, CA.